Computer languages: C/C++, Delphi, x86 Assembler
World-class knowledge of vector programming using Intel MMX / SSE / SSE2 instruction sets for performance optimization.
In depth experience of code optimization on current generation Intel x86 processors.
Design and implementation of video codecs on the following DSPs processors: Equator BSP-15 and Texas Instruments DM642.

Extensive hands-on experience in the following fields:
  • image and video analysis, enhancement and compression;
  • motion detection and analysis;
  • object recognition.


M.Sc., 1999, Computer Engineering, University of Parma, Italy, mark 108/110. Dissertation: A Development Environment and Optimizer for MMX Coding

High School degree, 1993, Liceo Scientifico Ulivi, Parma, Italy, mark 60/60.


Bertozzi, Broggi, Fascioli, Tommesani, Experiments using MMX-based processors for real-time image processing on the Argo vehicle, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 98, 1998

Conte, Tommesani, Zanichelli, The long and winding road to high-performance image processing with MMX/SSE, Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Computer Architectures for Machine Perception, 2000

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