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Visual Studio installer getting stuck

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When installing or uninstalling Visual Studio 2012/2013, the installer might get stuck right at the beginning:


Last Updated on Saturday, 22 November 2014 15:59

Fixing DB problems in Joomla

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Sometimes, this site goes down, and the following homepage appears:


The jos_session gets corrupted, a frequent issue with Joomla 1.5.x installations. Luckily, fixing this issue is quite simple, just log into the phpMyAdmin site (usually at the following address: and open the joomla database


Locate the jos_session table, then click on Empty to solve the issue.


The state of the jos_session table returns to normal, and the Joomla website is back online.


Fixing Here Maps in Windows Phone 8

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After the map updates on mid-May, both the HERE Maps and Drive apps for Windows Phone 8 stopped working, even worse, launching them made the phone reboot. The obvious fix would be an hard reset of the phone, but that would mean a lot of work, backing up everything. Here is another way to fix this problem without a reset:

  • download and install SysApp Pusher from here
  • run SysApp Pusher and install Lumia storage check beta from the Nokia tab. You have to install the beta version, not the release one, as the release version misses the feature you will need in the next step
  • run Lumia storage check beta and select the SD card as the destination of Maps
  • run HERE Maps: now it is not crashing anymore, but you will have to download the maps again, this time on the SD card
  • using this method, you will not recover the phone memory occupied by maps that you downloaded previously


Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 23:22

Building Installshield LE 2012 setups from the command line for CI

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In Visual Studio 2012, after installing Installshield LE 2012, you can include setup projects into your solution, as shown below:


Adding the Setup project to the solution, and including it into the Release configuration, makes for a quick, 1-click compilation procedure of both the main app and the installer. Still, what if we want to use a Continuous Integration software (e.g. Jenkins and countless others) and run the compilation of the setup from an external app? The ISL file extension used by InstallShield LE does not seem to be directly supported by CI softwares, and using ISCmdBld.exe as specified in Flexera's docs is not feasible, as that part of Installshield is missing from the LE edition (the L stands for Limited, so no surprises here). However, this specific project type can be compiled within VS IDE, so we can use MSBuild to compile it from the command line.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 October 2013 12:45

Integrating Visual Studio unit testing with release management software

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AskWatchABS1In a previous post, Unit testing with Visual C++ 2012, the unit testing features of Visual Studio 2012 were shown to be an effective way to improve software quality by introducing various tests. Still, instead of having to run these tests inside the Visual Studio IDE, it would be even better to integrate these tests into a release management software, so that they are automatically performed during each build of the system.

For running these unit tests outside the Visual Studio IDE, from this MSDN page we find out that there are three ways to run them from the command line:

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 October 2013 15:37

Background subtraction: ViBe

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The ViBe algorithm

In the paper "ViBe: A universal background subtraction algorithm for video sequences", Olivier Barnich and Marc Van Droogenbroeck introduce several innovative mechanisms for motion detection:

ViBeSearchingPixelsPixel model and classification process

Let's denote by v(x) the value in a given Euclidean color space taken by the pixel located at x in the image, and by vi a background sample value with an index i. Each background pixel x is modeled by a collection of N background sample values
M(x) = {v1, v2, . . . , vN}
taken in previous frames. To classify a pixel value v(x) according to its corresponding model M(x), we compare it to the closest values within the set of samples by defining a sphere SR(v(x)) of radius R centered on v(x). The pixel value v(x) is then classified as background if the cardinality of the set intersection of this sphere and the collection of model samples M(x) is larger than or equal to a given threshold. The classification of a pixel value v(x) involves the computation of N distances between v(x) and model samples, and of N comparison with a thresholded Euclidean distance R.
The accuracy of the ViBe model is determined by two parameters only: the radius R of the sphere and the minimal cardinality. Experiments have shown that a unique radius R of 20 (for monochromatic images) and a cardinality of 2 are appropriate. There is no need to adapt these parameters during the background subtraction nor to change them for different pixel locations. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 11:50

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